1. Or
    The Edge falling off the stage while playing his guitar.

    But that was ONLY Because he had a fly in his eye and
    did not see the edge where he was walking.
    Poor guy, I felt really bad for him that night.
    But that guitar "TWANG " sounded groovy when it crashed.

  2. He did survive ! Nothing can beat The Edge !

  3. Top 10 photos taken seconds before disaster
  4. The most contradictory experience I've ever had was Vancouver 12-05-2017. On a positive note it was my first time seeing U2 anywhere but Sydney never mind my first time seeing them overseas; it was the very first night of a tour, we got to hear The Joshua Tree in full, including the live debut of RHMT, there was a rare performance of ASOH and the debut of Little Things. So much to like but at the same time...a clear case of first night nerves and being underdone; the crowd was passive, some of Bono's attempted sing-a-along failed miserably, Miss Sarajevo was excruciatingly dull and the sound in the arena awful.

    It really was an odd feeling of loving and loathing the same show.
  5. Well, of the shows I saw, my least favourite was London 15th October 2004. Sure it was the first ever performances of "Vertigo", "All Because Of You" and "City Of Blinding Lights" and the last version of "She's A Mystery To Me" in Europe, but there were competition winners 'inside the gates' who had lots of room, and then maybe 2,000 people 'outside the gates' who were general public. I was one of the 2,000 and I was stood right next to the gates at the very front, so not only was I watching U2 through closed car park gates, but scum paparazzi barged their way past everyone and tried to jostle me out of my place so they take could photos of the band, and they were not happy I told them to go away. Very unpleasant people. The entire reason I hated the experienced was because I was watching U2 whilst being threatened by angry people standing right next to me as I was 'ruining their shot'.

    In terms of standard shows, Manchester 2005. We got Vertigo twice, the crowd was heavy with drunks, and I saw a couple of fights kick off. So much so, I got off the GA pitch and watched the show from the stands.
  6. Originally posted by markreed:
    In terms of standard shows, Manchester 2005. We got Vertigo twice, the crowd was heavy with drunks, and I saw a couple of fights kick off. So much so, I got off the GA pitch and watched the show from the stands.

    Sounds like Manchester alright!
  7. I'm going to be a bit controversial and say Dublin 24/11/2015, it was absolutely freezing over the days i was there and an average setlist for a homecoming gig
  8. Croke Park Dublin 24-6-2005 Vertigo Tour.
  9. The second Boston show in 2018. I was at night one and it was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. This was during the time that the news was coming out about the US government separating children from their families at the border, and Bono was on fire about it, specifically during "Pride". The show was so good, I bought tickets for night 2 as I was on the way home. Night 2 was mediocre at best. It was obvious that the band were just going through the motions and trying to finish the show quick so they could get to NYC and their families. As many people have said, mediocre U2 is better than most other bands, but it was a letdown compared to my other 3 shows (i+e Boston 4, JT17 Foxboro, e+i Boston 1), which were all incredible
  10. Originally posted by MattG:4th night in Chicago in 2015. Think it was 2015-06-29. Live debut of Crystal Ballroom so just point me toward the gallows, but whatever. I thought it was really lame. Band was flat most of the night, to me.

    The one saving grace was that I got to tick Sweetest Thing off the list and even that was a ramshackle performance, nowhere near the invested vibe of the Elevation tour versions. When Sweetest Thing is what pops you out of your seat, U2 might not be having the best night. Or maybe it was just me!

    Oh and they made us sing happy birthday to John Cusack who I also remember Bono referencing during 2009-09-13. I know Bono calls this shit out from time to time but why does it seem like every time I go see U2 in Chicago I'm going to hear about a mostly irrelevant actor?

    Interesting. I was at that show, and being it was my second U2 show ever (first indoors), I thought it was amazing. My wife, who was just along for the ride and let's say "tolerated" U2 prior to that, gained a lot of appreciation for just how talented they are.

    We were in the middle of the catwalk about 8 feet away, so getting the band up close was a cool experience. COBL was probably the highlight of the show, and I didn't know enough at the time to realize just how rare Sweetest Thing was.

    I'm with you on singing Happy Birthday to John Cusack though...
  11. My worst U2 show is hands-down 2017-09-08 in Minneapolis. I had been in Vancouver and Cleveland already for JT17 and really enjoyed both of those shows, but US Bank Stadium is a special kind of awful for concerts. Like, words can't begin to describe how bad it is.

    Beck sounded like he was singing through a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, with a kazoo inside, and then had 4 towels wrapped around the tube before using a 3.5mm microphone that came with a 2004 Dell computer. The rest of his band wasn't much better.

    The sound marginally improved by the time U2 came onstage, but the audio was still muffled, the echo from the half glass ceiling was unbearable, and even though the band's audio techs had come to the stadium a week ahead of time, it was unlistenable at points.

    I spent the most on tickets for that show as well... A friend (who was at the Cleveland show with me) and I both brought our wives to that travesty as well. Such a disappointment. At least we got some Prince snippets sprinkled in.
  12. LA 2017...my first time seeing them! but it didn't really live up to the 'religious experience' idea. I think they were still working out what that show could be - 2019 in Aus was much much better.