1. Originally posted by deanallison:Mothers Of The Disappeared on the anniversary tours is very underrated imo. I thought it was a much better standard than their attempts on the original JT tour and the Popmart and 360 versions as well. Red Hill Mining Town as well. Everyone spoke about how Bono wouldn’t be able to sing it then he delivered every night. I thought it was a great take on the song and it lived up to what I’d hoped it would be live and more.
    Dean - completely agree.
  2. 6/19/01 Beautiful Day

  3. No, but I see a lot of mentions of well-known, well-regarded shows/performances among U2 fans that are far from being underrated.

  4. This performance of Angel of Harlem is not appreciated enough, imho. Bono's delivery of the phrase " Soul love " is so soulful ( no pun intended ) here !!
  5. Bad / 40 / Streets is an underrated run.
  6. Originally posted by achtungpop:[..]

    does a thread exist with "best live performance of each song" ? I've searched a few on fourm but haven't found .
    The goal would be that everyone would tell for every song which version he prefers, and the creator fo the thread could edit on the first post to tell all mentioned versions .

    11 o'clock tick tock
    Chicago 15/05/2001 / Denver 06/05/1983 ...

    Dublin 27/12/1989 / ......


    Best live version of each albums songs

    Impressive work by @fleavox, I come back to his list every now and then when I want to listen to a particular song live.
  7. Every U2 performance of C’mon Everybody was heaps of fun.
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    Sometimes they were terrible. Leeds makes me laugh. Bono and Edge about half a second apart on the walk away walk away part.

    I listened to the bootleg of the Columbus Popmart show that I attended. They actually messed up IWF and had to stop and restart it towards the end. How the hell can they fuck up the song that they’ve played the most in their career? You’d think they could play it in their sleep!!
  9. I just wanted to drop this here. It's pure gold. Easily in my top 5 moments of the new century.

  10. It’s an all time top moment. Beggars belief how Bono can do that one night then it’s just gone again. Even Edge coming in with the RTSS chords. Surely that triggers something? Grghhhh but so so good.
  11. SBS --> WUDM at Slane is.....damn that was goood.

    Low-key powerful with the listing of all the victims of Omagh