1. Definitely had a “Bono: The Musical” feel to it!

    One of my favorite U2 setlists I ever saw was actually from a U2 tribute band! There was no album campaign, political message or any other agendas, just playing U2 songs. They actually surprisingly veered quite a bit from only doing the greatest hits. Just did runs like IWF, Elevation, BD, NYD, Gone, The Fly, Desire, COBL, Ultraviolet, WOWY, 11:00 Tick Tock, EBTTRT, etc. I wish U2 would just do a show like that, U2 playing U2 songs.
  2. From Variety:

    Bono: "It was my fault — blame it on me or give me some credit for the “Joshua Tree” tour, the retreading of that, because I wanted to honor the album. And I thought it’d be like a couple of months and do it, just really make sure, because people forget. And it’s a shame not to be able to do it with… I don’t even know if we would have done it, but you can’t now, for “Achtung Baby” [which had its 30th anniversary last year], because it is an incredible album. When did we put out “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”?"

  3. “You can’t now”. It ain’t happening. The band will keep throwing around excuses but I think they’re just not excited about another anniversary tour… though they will never outright say it.
  4. Emphasis on "now", ie covid.

    2023 ? Remeber zoo tv was still going in 1993 so the 30th anniversary thing can still be honoured. AB deserves celebration.
  5. I would love them to do shorter runs of anniversary shows to mark all their albums. Even just a handful of really small shows that I probably could never get a ticket to but stream it. Imagine pop being performed in full this year for its 25th anniversary doing a handful of small club/theatre shows. Next year war, HTDAAB in 2024. Could still do whatever big tour they’re planning these would just be little bonus shows really. I definitely don’t think they need to be touring all their albums again but full album performances a handful of times why not?
  6. A U2 bbc type of setup. Play the full album.

    I dont see other albums getting revisited outside of Achtung.
  7. That or Irving plaza, Apollo, basically any of the longer promo show setlist locations would probably work. I do agree AB is probably the only one realistically in the running but I think they would gain a lot of interest playing different albums depending on the anniversaries every year just about. As I say stream it, make it the fanclub gift if they want. Just think it’s a very doable ask. Ultimately they would need to want to do it though. That is the only thing holding it back.