1. No you paid for 1CD ABlive30 who cares about their “exclusive” 🤣🤣🤣 content if we have sites like u2start and u2songs 🤣
  2. You paid $40 for the fantastic Subscriber Specials!

  3. I reckon they were contemplating retiring anyway post JT tour 2019 they definitely had no imminent plans and Bono wasn't throwing out his usual salesman pitch about how they are simultaneously working on 4 albums or that The Edge is on fire or that they've written their best album ever ,who knows what they have planned for the future but I hope they don't do a Zoo TV anniversary tour as they should leave it's legacy untarnished.
  4. I think they will be back.

  5. I don't think they were planning retirement. They were planning a break which we all know, and didn't a band member say around 2019 that they imagine there'd be another tour and album? Larry?
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  7. new tour or new music?

    well a new tour i would definitely go to

    new music? as long as it's not dull acceptable bland corporate shite as i'd rather they split up

    a full-blown ab tour? only if is it's done tastefully and not a cringe-worthy re-hash of the original

    definitely don't want a stage show as bad as the jt tour re-hash - one fucking big screen and that's all! it was like going to the movies not a concert
  8. We really don't know much about any Live Nation deals. It has always been fan speculation. Maybe U2W1 but that is about it.
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  10. I think they’re enjoying being able to take their time about releasing the next album and then touring it. Bono has said as much that it was nice to not have anyone telling them they had to release something or tour. Working with freedom. It still baffles me such a well established band ever got into a contract that was going to put them up against it in terms of having to do things on someone else’s terms almost. I guess the money they received and the promotion of the tours from livenation was too good to turn down for a band that don’t like to do things on the cheap.
  11. I assume they only got forced to do JT17 because SOE wasn't ready? So if SOE was ready for 2016/2017 then JT wouldn't have happened, so it would have been on their terms.