1. JJ Abrams directing. Will R2D2 make an appearance?

  2. Yes. The Queen docu-drama really helped their career. Same with Elton.
  3. Yup! Princess Leia shows up to Hansa Studios and steals the Achtung Baby working tapes & uploads them to R2 D2.
  4. Elijah Hewson as young Bono
  5. Yes
  6. Say it ain’t so. Please may this die in development.
  7. Come on guys, be positive
  8. Noooooooooooooooooooo
  9. what's wrong with this? I like it
  10. The fact they’re working on it as well(how much is the question) makes it exciting to look forward to!
  11. Knowing how much they want to alter facts "for dramatic purposes", Episode 1 will be something like "Young Paul Hewson posted an ad on his high school at age 18 to form a band, on the same week his mother died and while his father was battling alcoholism".