1. meh, too many things
  2. i don’t how to feel about this, i’ve got very little informations for me to say if good or bad
  3. An album being quickly followed by another one?

    I think I've heard the story before....... Let me think.

  4. U2: Songs of Nostalgia
  5. U2 Songs Of Ireland, Ireland everywhere yeah Vertigo
  6. I know there will be a new album next year, but for today's news, I think it's April fools. But, has U2Songs joked about a new U2 album on April 1st before?
  7. It's not a joke.
  8. uhhh...real no fake?
  9. Would be neat if they did one song from each album for SoS
  10. I can't see anything on the UMG website about this.