1. Without Larry there is no U2. No way should they tour without him.

    They should also NOT do an AB tour or residency even with Larry. The JT anniversary tour was a real bummer to me and while there were some great moments, overall the tour(s) lacked the magic I’m used to seeing from the band.

    They should either go forward with Larry and new music or call it quits. I’d rather see them mine their back catalog of shelved releases and live material in retirement than see them try and wow a Las Vegas audience with technology and staging that inevitably will pale in comparison to the zeitgeist of AB and the original Zoo TV tour.
  2. Absolutely NO! U2 = Larry x Adam x Edge x Bono, NONE of them can be replaced! I love every member of the band and I doubt they can have the same high level and energy of performance with one member missing.
    Larry please get well soon!!!
  3. No. Not even a debate in my opinion. Any member of U2 decides enough is enough then they should stop as U2.
  4. No.

  5. No!
  6. No Larry, No U2. Now it's an one off show like how Chris Martin and Bruce filled in for Bono, then it's fine. But full blown tour. No and for Vegas too.

    But with metallica having ticket sales for their shows almost 2 years from now. I can see U2 making 2024 tour plans this spring after the potential release of SOS
  7. Yes!
  8. One tour without Larry would be alright.... But to be the opening band of the state of the art Vegas MSG sphere is a very big deal.... So, go for it.
  9. NO… one two shows as a sudden substitute fine … but planing ahead with knowledge he will not be there … NO
  10. It's always been The Larry Mullen Band......certainly not!!
  11. NO.