1. Every month we put a U2 fan in the spotlights, the fan of the month September of 2023 is user kevc02. Read along for the interview we had with this U2 fan.

    "The best show I’ve seen was the Elevation tour in Manchester, the band were on fire at that time, raw and pure emotion (as Bonos father died a few days later)"

    Tell us something about yourself, who are you and what do you do for a living?

    From Merseyside in the UK, I work in finance and have done for 37 years, it’s given me a great life and the means to pretty much do the things I love to do, travel, football, gigs, etc. aside from family, 2 big passions in life, the Rollercoaster of being a fanatical Liverpool fc fan and season ticket holder and music, of which U2 is and has been my band since I was 14 in high school.

    How did you become a fan of U2, tell us how it happened?

    I remember watching under a blood red sky on BBC2 around 1984 ish and was hooked, I was into some electronic / new wave bands at the time (Ultravox, Japan, Soft Cell etc) and just loved the rawness and power of the songs, a few months later I bought The Unforgettable fire (1st U2 album) and I just thought it was a wow record, loved it and then I was a fully fledged fan!

    Does anyone in your family or one of your friends like U2? If so, did they introduce you to U2, or did you "convert" them?

    My best mate was a U2 fan, but I do t think that influenced me becoming a fan, I think I just fell for the music, no gimmicks or backing tapes , just drums, guitars and Bono’s raw voice, just drew me in, I have though converted my wife , we met in 2003 and I took her to a couple of vertigo shows, she’s been to every tour since, the lump in throat moment was taking my daughter to Berlin for TJT tour in 2017 for her 18th birthday.

    Where do you most prefer to listen to U2?

    when I’m in The gym or keeping fit, but you can’t beat a live show, been a long 4 years, so Vegas (controversial or not) can’t come soon enough regardless of what it’s cost me and the Mrs 👍

    Your first U2 show took place on the Elevation tour, tell us all about it.

    My 1st show was The Joshua Tree show in August 1987 at Murrayfield Edinburgh, just turned 18, oh wow! It was off the scale incredible, 1st ever stadium show, my years of standing on the Kop as a kid at Liverpool FC definitely helped me survive the bear pit and my first experiences of standing, the atmosphere and show was incredible, it was one of the shows where streets was replaced by come on everybody & stand by me but it worked! Sang, bounced for 2 hours, It validated what I thought , the best live band in the world!

    You have seen every tour since, what was your favorite and why?

    The best show I’ve seen was the Elevation tour in Manchester, the band were on fire at that time, raw and pure emotion (as Bonos father died a few days later), but my favourite tour was Vertigo, my wife’s first tour and after taking in a show to Manchester we went to Rome for our second show, 100f on the day, 70,000 crazy Italians in the Olympic stadium, my wedding song to my wife was all I want is you, and they played the full version, Miss Sarajevo with Bono nailing the opera, just amazing.

    When you're forced to leave to a deserted island and you can take only one U2 album with you, which would it be?

    Achtung Baby, even though I despise Mysterious ways (overplayed for many years live and overrated) the album is just pure indulgence, i could listen to this on repeat play over and over ( I also have a soft spot for Pop)

    What is your favorite U2 live performance recording, and why? Do you often listen to live recordings?

    I bought a bootleg in Spain many years ago, it was the U2 pop mart show in Santiago, the mothers of the disappeared show, loved hearing the el pueblo snippet and the full version of MOTD song, amazing, I also loved the Stockholm zoo tv show, with the guy from Sheffield who won the MTV prize, I used to listen and download many many shows, but sadly no longer have the time, and to be honest YouTube works a treat

    How different is U2 compared to other artists that you like?

    I have quite an eclectic mix of musical taste, love live shows, my favourite bands aside from U2 are James, Depeche Mode, The Waterboys and Deacon Blue, I’ve seen Andrea Bocelli live a couple of times and he was sensational, but none of them connect emotionally as U2, I have literally been in tears at live U2 gigs, it’s a spiritual and emotional connection, and in my darkest times ( Hillsborough, 1st marriage break up, losing my Dad etc) U2’s music really did get me through.

    What are your hobbies and interests away from U2, musical or otherwise?

    Travel/ Holidays, Live Music, skiing i Italy most years dogs (2j , running and keeping fit, covid taught me to cherish what you have and don’t take the things you enjoy for granted as it can be taken away in a heartbeat.

  2. Great interview Kev and with quite a bit resonating with me other than the support for LFC who have given this expat's Magpies a tough time lately.
  3. Nice read Kev. Shame you're the Red Scouse though