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8 years ago
10 shows during 6 tours
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favorite tour: War Tour
"Actually, it was the first tour to Australia, just before TUF was released. Saw them twice and they were at their raw but passionate best."
favorite show: 2017-05-12 - Vancouver
"Not the best U2 performance I've seen but the most memorable. First time outside of my home city and country. First night of the tour. The album in full and in order. Being the first to hear RHMT plus other rarities and a brand new song. WOW!"
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"Immensely strong in terms of lyrics, themes, melody and sound. So many brilliant couplets written by Bono. So Cruel is a perfect example. "
favorite song: Bad
"Never ever tire of hearing this song as it spoke to me strongly when it was released because someone I once cared about was reportedly caught up with drugs. I almost cried when they played it in Sydney on the 360 tour."

about Sydney_MIke
Been a follower since seeing a video for Gloria back in '81 or '82...too long ago now to remember exactly when. Was in the crowd when they recorded the Zoo TV concert in Sydney and flew to Vancouver to attend the first night of the Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary tour. Have now seen 10 shows in total. They have provided the soundtrack to my life.
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