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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: How many songs will rotate in the Las Vegas setlists?
    - None, same setlist every night
    - One
    - Two
    - Three
    - More than 3
  2. I picked two... if they do in fact play a couple of songs in the style of SOS, that's where it'll be.

    I think.
  3. There will be a small section of a few songs they will do acoustic (SOS) each night. In that small section, 2 will be changed on a nightly basis. Welcome back to the 2015 e stage.
  4. Clumsy me pressed 3 when I meant to say two.

    I'm not sure you can rotate one song unless you add it on some nights or drop one song some nights without replacing it. I'm thinking it'll be a bit like e+i where we got Gloria some nights and SOBL others, i.e. one in; one out.
  5. Only 1 rotation slot i think. They play 3 shows a week, so that is 3 songs. I think they repeat this 3 songs every week.
  6. I'd say for the first few nights we could see a couple of songs getting rotated or replaced as certain songs might not work in this new configuration that they are doing for the first time and then with a new Drummer they may feel he's better suited to playing certain types of songs .
  7. It's Vegas baby! so NONE whatsoever.
  8. They could have an A/B/C setlist for the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday shows. I think they'll do A/A/B though. 1 song change.
  9. I guess 2 songs, tops.
    Acoustic/ SOS style with recycled visuals
  10. With substitute drummer it will be probably none or 1 maximum. Maybe if they play some acoustic section (without drums), they could do 1-2 more (like last song on Popmart shows)
  11. If the substitute drummer has to learn 22 songs, I’m pretty confident he can learn another 2 more for rotation purposes. There’s often been a rest point or acoustic section for Larry and Adam mother take a break so that’s possible.
  12. 2 or 3 ?