2023-12-02 - Las Vegas
Tour: U2:UV Achtung Baby at the Sphere
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 0

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  2. Chances of any songs in the December leg from Pop,NLOTH,SOI,SOE??
  3. There's always a chance
  4. Hopefully no SoI or SoE, those have gotten enough attention for the last nine years IMHO..dust some other songs off
  5. I've been working hard on avoiding any discussions about what has or hasn't been played so that I can have some degree of surprise when I see the shows on 1 and 2 December. Only 11 days to go.
  6. I'll be there for this show on the 2nd!

    Guessing/hoping that Dec. 1 might be the same/similar setlist as before and that Dec. 2 might see some new debuts. Looking forward to it immensely either way.
  7. Is anyone doing any pre-gaming before the Saturday show? My buddy and I are looking to hang out with some fellow U2 fans.
  8. There's a Texas Mike now??
  9. What other Mikes are yet to be discovered?
  10. My legal name is Michael. I go by my shortened middle name.
  11. Seconds in full tonight?
  12. Going to be a very different experience for me tonight with a highly obstructed view back in row 35 of 102 but there were only expensive crumbs when I made the decision to go. Will just have to enjoy the sound and being a bit closer to the action, having had a fantastic full view last night.