1. Originally posted by u2met86:7 years ago I chimed in with my Response of Innocence (way back on Page 1), so now that I see this thread as having been recently active again (it was 2 months ago before i+e Tour fever started, but still compared to 7 years ago that's recent), and since I'm obsessed with this song, I'll post my updated Response of Experience.

    I can't pick 1, and I don't see the utility of arguing over established favorites (Rattle vs Slane), so I'll do this differently in a way that you hopefully find valuable...

    I picked a few Streets clips worth seeing, which many diehards probably haven't seen before (aka they're not part of the Consensus Streets Hall of Fame).


    1. POPMART MADRID - 4:00 “oh-oh-oh” part, and the Intro
    [YouTube Video]
    -The video is a complete version, BUT if you're pressed for time,
    -If nothing else, PLEASE WATCH 4:00 - 4:30
    -Not the best audio or video quality, but it FEELS like you’re in this crowd, and to me, their participation sums up what it means to be a U2 fan

    [YouTube Video]
    Audio Boot: http://u2start.com/shows/1399/
    -This part of the tour, especially the NYC / MSG residency, had PROLONGED crowd cheering after Streets, to the point where the band can’t go on, and they seem genuinely surprised.
    -On the 11-22 audio boot, the crowd goes on for about 90 straight seconds, and keeps getting louder, 2-3 times after you think it hit its peak and is going to die down. That’s a long-ass time.
    Bono: “Wow… That’s crazy… Thank you very much… Oh no, New York!… The sound of a 747 leaving from Madison Square Garden... We don't wanna go anywhere, we wanna stay here. I'm not going on vacation.”


    1. LOVETOWN DORTMUND - Crowd is POSSESSED - Cheers of Innocence
    [YouTube Video]
    -Crowd is going fucking BALLISTIC. It’s as though like they all won the lottery, got a puppy and a kitten, graduated from university, saved Zion in the Matrix, and fell in love at the same time… just because U2 came to town.
    -Deep down, I think we are diehards because U2 made us feel that way at some point, and we keep coming back to try and return to that place, but... "reasons "(THEY’RE getting older, WE’RE getting older, we think / compare too much, it's not the same anymore, yada yada yada.)

    2. U2 360 GIANTS STADIUM, LEG 2, 2009 - Cheers of Experience (USA)
    [YouTube Video]
    -There are better Streets out there, but considering this is America and USA is known for boring dead crowds…
    -People are standing up, singing, cheering, clapping, jumping around
    -Sound & visuals are great

    3. U2 360 ZURICH - Cheers of Experience (Europe) / Singing in the Rain
    [YouTube Video]
    -Magic in the rain
    -Rain is coming down HARD, yet people seem drunk with happiness.
    -Multicam audio / video quality is PHENOMENAL.
    -People around the ENTIRE stadium - all around the GA, seats, are all participating, jumping, dancing, singing.

    I hope you enjoyed this, and got to see at least 1 or 2 clips in there that you had not previously seen (or at least hadn't watched in awhile).

    Come back and do more of these please.
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