1. Thanks Downloaded. Good audience recording, everything sounds very close (that includes the music but also the audience... there's one girl that's particullarly passionate shouting in my right ear - however bad that sentence might sound..)
  2. I will forever be sad I will never be able to see The Police

    Envious of all of you who saw the reunion tour.

    @eddiemonsoon - any chance you have the 2008 Tokyo shows? Thank you
  3. @eddiemonsoon

    Are there any recordings of the 2008 Manchester Arena gigs played on the 17th and 18th June?
  4. I've honestly never sorted through the 2007/2008 stuff. The 77-86 stuff is perfectly organised. Off the top of my head I have (somewhere) both tokyo's and the second manchester. I think the first manchester is only a very partial mess of a recording (though that may just be my copy and might exist better elsewhere). I'll check but they aren't the most forthcoming people. I'll up the other three sometime this week.
  5. On a secondary note. If you've ever seen an interview where Stewart says he only took the prospect of a reunion seriously when Sting sent him the setlist then here is that setlist.

    voices inside my head
    when the world
    driven to tears
    walking on the moon
    synchronicity 2
    don't stand
    every little thing
    walking in your footsteps
    demolition man
    de do do do
    murder by numbers
    wrapped around your finger
    invisible sun
    beds too big without you
    truth hits
    king of pain
    hole in my life
    bring on the night
    every breath
    cant stand losing you
    so lonely
    next to you

    A second version began with message going into every little thing as it did on the Ghost in the machine tour.
  6. Thanks for that - and interesting that ^ cheers