1. i'll subscribe and get the free gift and leave it untouched. Stupid people on ebay are paying £40 for the ZOO Sydney audio.
  2. whaaaaaaaaaaat ?

    did I hear free t-shirt ??
  3. Originally posted by jean_pasquerelI bet that next year new subscribers will get a fantastic gift...Live in Paris'87 on CD! Wow.

  4. Originally posted by u2joost[..]

    I admit. that is the only valid reason to renew...

    Nice avatar
  5. Originally posted by germcevoyi'll subscribe and get the free gift and leave it untouched. Stupid people on ebay are paying £40 for the ZOO Sydney audio.

    That's my plan too.
  6. They suck hard. Assholes.
  7. Originally posted by djrlewis[..]

    Nice avatar

    Thank you! quite happy with it myself... POP rules!
  8. Originally posted by u2joost[..]

    Thank you! quite happy with it myself... POP rules!

    I have to agree with djrlewis, very nice avatar!!
  9. I got sent this from U2.com today. No audio or video this year it looks like

    Introducing North Side Story - the definitive account of the earliest days of U2 in Dublin, a special publication for U2.com from Hot Press Magazine.

    When Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry played their first gigs in Dublin's Northside, only one music title would follow them all the way.

    Hot Press Magazine was there from schoolroom to stadium, Dublin bars to New York clubs, Out of Control to Under A Blood Red Sky.

    North Side Story, commissioned from Hot Press Magazine in Ireland, brings you a unique ringside seat at the rise and rise of U2 in Dublin.

    This 274-page book is full of rare and unpublished photos, reviews, interviews and original pieces by band members.

    Over the past six months the Hot Press team have tracked down schoolfriends, musicians, artists, promoters, DJ's and crew members. Alongside their unique Hot Press archive, North Side Story features dozens of new interviews - from Paul McGuinness and Guggi to Jim Sheridan and Steve Lillywhite - bringing the story of the band right up to date. The editorial lens is pulled back further with first-time translations of the earliest band interviews as they began touring Europe.

    And when you open up North Side Story you'll find inside a beautiful pull-out wall-map, capturing landmark moments in U2's Dublin. North And South of the River, Wandering In U2's Dublin has been commissioned from the band's long-time design team.

    It's been a remarkable project, says Niall Stokes, Hot Press Editor, whose writers, designers and photographers have developed this special title.

    'Watching Feedback play in 1976, no-one could have dreamed of what lay ahead. We've ended up with a blow-by-blow account of the band's earliest days, a story never told like this before.

    'It's about where Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry came from and the remarkable bond that bound them together, even in the face of adversity. I think fans of the band are going to love it.'

    Along with this special annual gift, U2.com subscribers access a range of other benefits including exclusive music and editorial content and the chance to take part in ticket pre-sales if the band go on tour.

    Read more about North Side Story.

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    best wishes,

    The U2.com Team.

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  10. Before the inevitable onslaught about how shit this is please remember that a U2.com subscription is not a mandatory purchase.
  11. No (new) music, but if I may say so still a very nice gift.
  12. Well actually I feel it's a nice gift. One can never have too many books about U2....