1. Originally posted by LikeASong:There was only one show performed in support of the 1992 release of Automatic For The People, on 19 November at the group’s old haunt, the 40 Watt Club in Athens GA. Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this performance with a “live” stream of this recently discovered footage. The audio is available on all versions of the 25th Anniversary Reissue of Automatic For The People. Special thanks to Dan Aguar & Todd Ploharsky for film restoration.


    (LIVE as of Nov 19th, 21:25PM CET)
    Listened to the show on the 25th anniversary Automatic. Amazing gig.
  2. Funny intro to Losing My Religion "Oh, Life"
  3. Just finished listening to Collapse Into Now for the first time and my god these songs are making me tear up.

    Every Day Is Yours To Win and Walk It Back are so beautiful and they hit me really hard. The end of Blue circling back around to Discoverer is sublime.

    I feel like I was there listening to these songs when REM decided to break up.
    Why must it be that when I discover new music, the band is already broken up?

  4. Soo good to hear his voice again O+