1. Look at the crowd in the reflection of his shades! All those nights of rehearsal have led to this big moment.

    My only criticism would be that he sounds like he’s singing “Fuck off! Fuck off!”.
  2. I've spoken many times here about my soft spot for 6/8 time signature (aka 3/4 or waltz time) - to me it's the most wonderful and perfect time signature out there. Sometimes I like playing around with songs that are in normal 4/4 time and change it up to 6/8. I just did that with Stay, it's funny how after the few first bars of confussion, it all settles down in your mind and feels like it was always meant to be this way.

  3. Christmas came early this year!

  4. Also, it looks he also (poorly) "covers" Wikipedia entries too.
  5. Citation failed
  6. This is a song Charles Manson stole from Howie B, we're stealing it back.

  7. Happy new year!

  8. He's got a lot of emotion!
  9. I think maybe the time isn't right now that I heard the full thing..
  10. Tried a vocal take on Running To Stand Still myself (voice is a lil' rusty - and yes I skipped the high notes )