1. Dunno, but that's quite the setlist....does it say what show(s) it's from? I'm thinking it's a mix as An Cat Dubh sticks out like a black cat.
  2. If it's not official, then to me it's worthless, these recordings are just stolen from tapers or radio broadcast, packaged (Often poorly) and flogged as ultra rare!
    Yes, i have bought bootlegs, and even been part of a "group buy" on this website a few years ago, but that was purely to liberate bootlegs that were not out there,
    and limit the income the thieves would have made.(yes it was a bit of a double-edged sword)
    my point is anything on that disk is available here.given away free should you choose to download it, a crappy tin means nothing, keep your money I'm sure you (like me ) you spend far too much on official items as it is, don't feed the crooks that try and screw you!
  3. I stick to official releases. Otherwise the list is totally endless .
    It's enough just with official stuff , and I only really collect music , not all the other paraphernalia (although I have some)
  4. the both of you have a point
  5. cancelt
  6. thnx for the advise

  7. ore i did miss this one

  8. and this one
  9. nutch better than a cd

  10. need a bit help , is this a bootleg ( i thinks so) ore official 1000 made price 215 euro lot of money