1. If U2 don't release new material in 2022 then l say give us JT20 Film in March and Pop25 in November.
  2. They’re interviews are always so boring and scripted. They use a lot of words but say so little. When (if) a new album comes out they will rehash all the lines from previous years “we listened to old records and thought about why we wanted to be in a band” bla bla
  3. Because it wouldn't be a new idea? I think at 60 I'd be quite OK with this.

    They had Zoo TV, Popmart, 360, I&E/E&I - all very original ideas. Plus 'classic rock' tours, such as Elevation and Vertigo, also pretty cool, if not exactly groundbreaking.

    I don't think they will get many new groundbreaking ideas at this stage. Zoo TV was hyper cool. It could be revisited... why not celebrate it? I don't think the alternatives would be as exciting.

    We'll see. I'd still be surprised if they go for it, but let's see.
  4. It seems some users need to start their own band and stop complaining about others.
  5. I prefer that they take as long as it takes, I wouldn't like the pop rock of 20 years ago but that I don't think will happen, but above all, I hope they take it long and make a good, good album.
  6. And with ZooTV the truth is I wont complain, personally I don't want it, but I know that as soon as they come to my country I will see them and I will swallow all my complaints so, I understood everything

  7. This reporter on the NFL Network had a framed copy of Achtung Baby hanging behind him on his wall.
  8. Even with Edge’s recent interview I still don’t feel like zoo tv 2 will happen. I really felt an AB anniversary tour was likely before Covid hit and made everything uncertain but now I feel like they’ll just hold off for a new album and tour that. I would be happy with zoo tv 2 though. Happier still if it meant playing all of AB or even just a lot of early 90 ‘s stuff in general. I highly doubt the number of albums released would be affected by it and I think the only impact it would have in terms of tours is it would be an additional one which sounds good to me.
  9. Personally, whenever Edge mentions the possibility of a ZooTV tour, I think he means he would like to do a similar, over the top production with sensory overload visuals and stuff which has the potential to be fascinating with today's technology. If, however, he does indeed talk about an actual ZooTV anniversary, then I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's my all time favorite tour and I think it's the greatest tour in history which no one will ever top and that's mainly because of when it went on the road for the first time; it was ahead of its time, absolutely mindblowing and represented the U2 of the 90s. I wish I was alive at the time so that I could've experienced this madness. So, if they tour a 90s ZooTV production in the future - it will be super awesome I'm sure - but it's such an epic tour and an important part of U2's history that it will kind of lose its magic if they 'touch' it... (If a ZooTV revival is what it takes for the band to play So Cruel, Love is blindness & all the POP stuff which have been overlooked for too long then sure, go ahead!)
  10. I wonder if Bono would return to the fly and the bullet / RTSS character