1. “remastered” it sounds quite a bit better
  2. This is the right video

    Still without the Let´s Twist Again snippet, but it´s still cool as hell
  3. Great video !!
  4. Another book appearance, this time New York:

  5. Originally posted by LikeASong:[..]
    "Giving a performance" is a bit vague, but I guess they won't give any more details. One or two songs sung a capella I reckon? As long as they're not Amazing Grace or some William Blake poems, it'll be good
    I’m suddenly reminded of the “Heart of America” tour that Bono did in 2003 with Ashley Judd, Chris Rick and others. Speaking about Debt, AIDS etc. He would often stop to play some pre-recorded music on a little stereo and sing along with it…

  6. Hahaha, I had no clue that had happened.

    Bono sings “Lady Marmalade” with the hotel band after his dinner WTF.

  7. Perhaps some news coming soon.. from their Sirius phone number where Adam has a recorded message
  8. Wonder if it'll be within the next two weeks? Just a hunch, putting two and two together with the book coming out in just over a month?