1. great version, glad to see him on the road again
  2. Whoever styled him for the show needs to be fired
  3. He has that deep baritone sound when he’s doing the speaking parts. Then he has to pitch up substantially to song. Still sounding smooth here though. I think these smaller venues will suit his vocals.
  4. Loved the narration into the song, which was such an eerily beautiful reinterpretation.
  5. That performance of

    Spoiler (click to toggle)

    absolutely tore right through me Stunning!

  6. I'm feeling so so confused right now..... and torn in two.... Part of me hates this, because it's just NOT right hearing this song as a solo performance without the rest of U2.
    But on the other hand, the other half of me is actually moved by the beautifull narration and the (seemingly) honest performance of my hero.

    How should I feel ?? very, very confusing...
  7. I'm going to hold off on watching it. Sometimes Colbert puts the whole unedited interview online. He might do that this time.