1. Bingo!
  2. now that I read the context, it reminds me POP recording... can you imagine U2 ending the album using garage band? LOL bad joke. hope he recovers and is in good health, we don't want to see Larry unhappy, and I don't think it's a band problem
  3. livenation i'm watching you friend
  4. I remember reading in 2018 that Larry used something for his muscles and as the years went by we never found out how that thing ended, but I knew that at some point Larry was going to have a situation like this, it must be hard that some people want to put you on this roller coaster with back pain, a worrying day for U2
  5. He has suffered for years because of his art, as sad as I would be if they would call it a day, I wouldn’t fault the guy for just stopping for health.
  6. I think people are overreacting.
  7. Originally posted by iTim:Not sure exactly who he’s taking a swipe at, but you can’t rule out it being LiveNation. It’s not the Paul McG days anymore and their 2014-2020 has been relentless. Perhaps the Las Vegas thing is the last straw for him and he’s basically ruling himself out of any further commitments.

    I’m not sure how it was relentless, the IE and EI tours were the shortest albums support tours they’ve ever done. They’ve been off the road for 4 years sans a dozen shows at the tail of 2019. If I said in the last 6 years I had to work 3 of them, I don’t think you’d call me overworked.
  8. At the Cheltenham festival, before the tour began, Bono said this when asked about U2: 'it's just tricky, we've got injuries to deal with, some people are a bit broken... I'm not! But, yes, the band really wanna go on tour and we just want to find an original way of doing it.'
  9. Well, hopefully Bono continues to be generous with the interviews, I would think this will come up. Thinking about it, there's not a lot of time between now and summer/fall of next year. If Larry needs some kind of massive surgery and recovery time calls for six months of recovery and rehab, that means June already.. I'd think he'd hold off on anything major until after the holidays, who wants to spend Christmas laid up?
    Then there's the new rock/heavy guitar album thing they're talking about - maybe pushed back? Laughing as I write this, as we really have no idea what is going on or what the next year holds.
  10. There’s also something to this, lol. I mean the no touring in 2023 thing is a big deal and a bummer, but for all we know he was responding to a question “what’s different about being in a band be when you first started”… which has many answers to it.
  11. When was LMJ's last public appearance? India?