1. I've have seen a concert of Depeche mode last Saturday in Leipzig, Germany.
    Great show, Dave with high performance and great "new" versions of their famous hits. I was surprised about the new versions like "World in my eyes" or "Walking in my shoes", but especially about "A pain that I'm used to". Very cool
    And great to hear "In your room" in the Album Version. I never liked the Single release with that "hard-guitar".

  2. saw DM in cologne last night and it was a BLAST the band was in high spirits, dave danced until his sparkly shoes caught fire (metaphorically ofc) and the crowd was as loud as can be!

    personal highlights: never let me down again, a pain that I'm used to, cover me, wrong and the usual suspects (eg enjoy the silence, personal jesus etc).
  3. I'd love to see them again .
  4. I'm slowly uploading my videos to youtube. they are only snippets of songs, but you can see how big of a party it was in cologne

  5. Excellent taping ! Takes me back again.
  6. Not good.
  7. After an absolutely brutal week here in Florida , looking forward to tonights DM gig in Miami .

    Irma was a nasty bitch .

    This longtime fan is indeed going to have a few cold ones tonight...hope Martin sings Home....