1. If you PM me then i will get busy recording copies for you. I have plenty more by DM if there is anything else you are after.

  2. If you haven't yet i could send you the live from the warm-up in Nice 04/05/2013, you also could find it on YT as well.
  3. That came out a nowhere.
  4. First time since 101.

  5. Saw them tonight. Holy shit.
  6. You are very fortunate. As i live in Australia and they havent toured here since 1994 and i didnt see them live then so not sure if i will ever get to see them live unless i go to Europe or USA.
  7. That is tremendous!! Performed in its original electronic arrangement - not the piano acoustic treatment most of Martin's songs get on tour. Incredible. You can ever hear someone shouting "30 years!!" THANKS!

  8. The newly released vinyl box sets of the early singles per album. Roll on Music For The Masses, Violator and Songs Of Faith And Devotion box sets in the future!!