1. As of late it's only when they're playing 2 shows in a city.

    Thinking of trying to get to Waldbühne in July. Am I crazy? Maybe. Tickets are understandably extortionate on reselling sites. Hoping for an (unlikely) ticket drop.
  2. Should be a great venue. I wanted to go to Walbuhne for pearl jam. But alas. U2 and pearl jam touring in the same year is making me skint. Couldn't afford it. Berlin is a nice city. Lots to see. Good food if you know where to look. ( I highly recommend visiting a Peter pane or the Sunday Asian park Market )
  3. Ticket drops must be possible should keep an eye on ticketswap or Ticketmaster just in case. Mode casuals tend to cancel a lot last week before the show.
  4. If anyone feel like coming to Madrid to see Depeche Mode with some other nice bands on July 14th I have TWO spare day tickets that I won't be using since I got the 3 day pass. They are 100€ (all fees included) right now but I'll be glad to sell them for 87€ which is what I paid for them back in December.

    (more bands to be announced btw, but that doesn't matter much in the Depeche Mode thread )

  5. I'm just curious, does anybody on here have any of the official 'Live Here Now' releases they've done from the last tours? I'd love to get some of them but I really want to know the quality first...
  6. Another NA leg in May/June.