1. Guys, no @'s!! Read Remy's first post. Say [at] instead of @.
  2. Please send it to me to the address is pepazdepa (at) email (dot) cz . Thanks.
  3. can someone send both to me? amvanquish7(at)hotmail.com please

  4. Both please. Radio i got, thx a lot to the first, who send me!

    Send me as much as you can!
    My account is free for all!

    THX to all, who are involved in this action!
  5. ipod ready NLOTH1 please

    wayne0507 at hotmail.co.uk
  6. Hi everyone,

    I would be so happy if somenone could send me NLOTH (NLOTH2 if possible).

    My e-mail: fredrik.johansson[at]semcon.com

    We're in for a great year!

  7. could I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a copy >>> padawerm at hotmail dot com
  8. kisho8 at hotmail.com

    plz both version
  9. Sending to everyone uptill now.
  10. How good is the sound of version 1? Is it just a radio rip?