1. Some folks were gonna leak tonight if the album didn't leak, some good news for those people because here it is: No Line On The Horizon. U2's 12th studio album! This thread discusses something about the new album, we take this opportunity to point you one more time to our house rules. If you violate them, our crew will take action immediately, so take the time to review them.

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  2. You just couldn't picture how this was going to go, judging by the 40 seconds or so, and by all reports, was a masterpiece, and it really is.....is it over all ready? damn, that was short song!!!
  3. It's gonna be a brilliant show closer
  4. This song doesn't instantly grab me, as I had expected it to do. Call it a grower, but until now a tough song and a bit boring
  5. Good song on first listen. Love the Joshua Tree feel that's all over it. A grower for sure.
  6. listened only once to it now and it made me cry, no kidding. it's bloody beautiful.
  7. First listen, I think it's brilliant. My favourite song off the album thus far. Still holding out for Crazy Tonight. High hopes for that.

    Edit: Some lovely guitar work.
  8. Hmm, a grower for me. Awesome lyrics, like the piano part.
  9. Indeed it's a grower but potentially a masterpiece. Love the guitar, piano, lyrics...
  10. beautiful, just beautiful!!
  11. no words for this song...
  12. I might get banned for this but this song is just the "worst" for me... Don't misunderstand me, I like it a damn lot, but the rest of the album is much better IMO... Moment Of Surrender "only" gets a 8/10 for me (that means it's by far the worst track )...

    I think it will grow on me, tho