1. Originally posted by BigGiRL:[..]
    That was indeed extraordinary...and I only know it from the (audience) recording

    Has anyone already mentioned the sweet rhythm? Such a great tune for "slow dancing"
    Yes and don't forget "Can't help falling in love" ....
    It would be great if some more soul and blues made their way
    into the setlist this summer............................
  2. Originally posted by bartajax:Their best song of this century by miles. Great song, however in my opinion it didn't really work live. But the album version is 7 minutes of pure greatness.

    I think the official live recordings of this song are absolutely fantastic, and experiencing it performed live is amazing, but a lot of the bootleg recordings for this song are very hit and miss, leaning more towards misses. The raw emotion of the live version is fantastic, but overall this song gets a lot from post-recording sound mixing, more so than other songs U2 has performed live.
  3. would like to hear this song again at some point live..
  4. Live is were it lives...

    The searing solo from Edge is one of his emotional finest. Great memories of the 360 Tour closure at Moncton in 2011.

    I loved his playing at that time...Unkown Caller was another highlight. I hope SOE has songs as good as these.

    ...and it was borne out of NLOTH so don't slag that off too much !
  5. When Bono says "One last time" before the solo
  6. Like a few of those NLOTH tunes, I thought that this was a bit of a horse without a stable on that album. Songs of Experiences would be a better home for it; it's very experiential... I have a renewed appreciation for it recently.

    Anyway, English singer Nick Mulvey has done a great (studio) cover version, available on all platforms. There's also a youtube link on the u2songs twitter feed.