1. Some folks were gonna leak tonight if the album didn't leak, some good news for those people because here it is: No Line On The Horizon. U2's 12th studio album! This thread discusses something about the new album, we take this opportunity to point you one more time to our house rules. If you violate them, our crew will take action immediately, so take the time to review them.

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  2. It's a very interesting track, with a lot of new sounds, plus a nice little solo. And if you use a Mac, you'll know all about it. This was the one song that I was looking forward to, and it's definitely held up as a nice track.
  3. Wow, this is my favourite track by now. I absolutely love it
  4. I can finally listen to this song without talking, background noise & waves rolling in, those beach ckips did not spoil things what so ever i have to say.
  5. So was I right about it being 'different' but immediately catchy type of song?

  6. Yes.

    Listenened to it around 10 times now. It's fucking brilliant.
  7. The solo from 04:48 is BRILLIANT. Love this track
  8. quite different this song. wow the solo....
  9. This is definitely one of the best songs I've heard in the last years. Awe - Some
  10. I almost fell of the chair when Edge started that solo.
  11. The same here.
    I thought... Oh my God, this is Love Is Blindness + Mofo + Out Of Control + Bad + Like A Song, all mashed up and brought to us by and Angel...
  12. One of my least favourites of the album - that intro until after "sunshine" hangs loose in the air to me. Then Walk On II starts, which wouldn't be a bad thing is they kept it that way. But instead they hired a marching band to sing staccato...

    First rating: 5/10 - with the potential to climb to an 8 or so...