1. hello friends is luciano here from argentina i got a dude for you...waht is the best live performance of ultraviolet, i love that song so...tell me jaja saludos desde argentina
  2. 1992/05/22 - MIlan and 1993-08-28 - Dublin
  3. I like the Washington DC version too....
  4. Dancing Zoo TV- Stockholm
  5. Can't go wrong with dublin Stockholm or DC, i personally love DC

  6. DC is pretty good, but Stockholm has the clearer audio, which puts it in front.

    You can hear that fantastic riff clearly, it's rather muffled in the DC performance.
  7. Hard to go past Milan 1992. The crowd sing-along is out of this world.
  8. 1992-02-29

    It's different but it's the best for that version
  9. Milan, Dublin, Washington and Stockholm are all ya need