1. Happy 60th Birthday to one of my heroes! An Irishman with high heel shoes and those (in his late father's words) "fucking glasses" . Happy to Bono.
  2. Listening to Zoo TV Rotterdam to celebrate

    Happy birthday B-man
  3. Tomorrow you can listen to the May 11th show, the hungover one, which is much more fun
  4. Aaaaaaaand Bono's just completely flubbed One
  5. Honestly I could listen to him channel surfing and judging everything that comes on screen all day
  6. I know right!? I sometimes wish the channel surfing segment lasted for 10 minutes or something
  7. Ikr it's funny as shit
  8. There's a particular one from some obscure Outside Broadcast bootleg which is particularly brilliant, lots of swearing and also politics mixed in iirc. I'll try to hunt it down and send it to you.

  9. Happy B-Day B-Man