1. Because I am and because some of you often are. Love you all and post here when here when you are. I know you do babacar.
  2. Finally
  3. You called?
  4. Oh God, you damn Irish. It's a fucking Monday, WTF
  5. I really, really like the idea of this.

  6. If it's got -day in it, it's got drink It's also a Bank Holiday in the republic, don't know about up north?
  7. I'm about to crack one open. this is one of the better drunken ideas i've seen haha
  8. Gerard, you're a hero. Chances are I'll not be near a computer when I've had more than I should have of the Devil's own*, but there's a first time for everything!

    *I've coined the use of that term in this context 'cause it sounds poetic lol.

    Give it a month or so and you'll be saying 'you damn English' too, at least to me at any rate
  9. Should've started this topic yesterday, Ger. Good idea anyway