1. Hi!
    I've been trying to collect all official photos from each U2 360 tour city, and look for help with some that are missing (from Brussels'10 onwards mostly)!

    For those who don't know... Red Zone ticketholders used to get a thank you mail with survey and download link for each city f.e. in 2010 the patterns used to be like these:

    2010: http://media.fanfire.com/images/adserver/u2/redzone/Desktop+Paris.png
    2009: http://media.fanfire.com/images/adserver/u2/redzone/U2ParisDesktop.jpg

    Some cities I worked out by myslef, some with some smart googling
    f.e. 2010 german shows were all on eventim:

    Here's the collection of all that I gathered:

    If anyone would help with the missing ones

  2. Are those actually official? I mean, are they released by U2.com or by Priciple Management or whatever? I thought they were fan made
  3. Wow nice! It would be nice if you could upload them to our photo section?
    Or if they're too big, just mail them too remy@u2start.com Would be really appreciated, a nice addition!
  4. Yes they are official! - see the links
    I will send them, just need to find the "orginal" size, spread on 2 computers
    still calling for missing cities!
  5. I have the sydney one which I'll post later today
  6. Very cool. I can see myself in the Dublin shot. (well, the blob of my bright green t-shirt)
  7. Really nice pictures!
  8. Sydney 2

    If you want me to send you the original file let me know
  9. Here´s mine.

    Invalid url 'http://[IMG]http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/6169/donostiasansebastian360.jpg[/IMG]'

    However, as Shannon said, if you want the original file you just only have to ask me.
  10. How cool! I looked for us down the front of the Sydney 2 shot but we are just a blur. I'm kind of awed by the size of the crowd though. You don't get any idea of the scale of it when you're inside it.
  11. Thanks for sharing keep'em coming
    All 1:1 files send to Remy so expect quality U2start gallery soon
    My picasaweb has been updated too!

    the missing list is still long, but getting shorter

    BARCELONA (I have only press photo)
    MILAN (I have only press photo)
    BERLIN missing
    BOSTON missing
    TURIN - missing
    Horsens - missing
    SEVILLA - missing
    COIMBRA - missing
    ROME - missing
    AUCKLAND - missing
    MELBOURNE - missing
    BRISBANE - missing
    PERTH - missing
    JOHANNESBURG - missing
    CAPE TOWN - missing

  12. Great! Can you send me that in high resolution?

    I will start uploading them to the U2start photo section soon, great stuff 215 MB, 37 photos now.