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15 years ago
68 shows during 10 tours
personal record

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"It all started with A.Baby era for me. 2 months after I bought the cassete I saw ZooTV Special on TV and was blown away... by every aspect of it. I think IE tour came close, but ZooTV is still the paramount of rock tours."
favorite show: 2005-07-05 - Chorzow
"This was a magic night when 70'000 fans united in most polish of U2 songs to form a White & Red flashmob - forming a giant Polish flag. This stunt took the band by surprise Larry mentioned it as best U2 live moment ever, and you can read about it in U2 by U2 book. The whole concept was born in my head, though I was helped by thousands of fans it still among my best memories."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"Every note of the album is masterpiece. 25+ years later the whole things still sounds as fresh as back then. No one will ever match or top this collection of songs. PERIOD."
favorite song: Love Is Blindness
"It all started with this song, as I heard it in Polish National Radio 3. The organ intro, the hunting atmosphere, the guitar solo that rips your heart and Bono's sad moans at the end. Downer... but what an Epic downer! "