1. 2000. All songs are from that year's tour of North America.

    I regret not going to that 1996 show (and many others).
  2. I was in Seattle for the first time on the weekend. I've been a PJ fan since 92.
  3. Originally posted by RUMMY:[..]
    I made this one quite some time ago and I'm kicking myself for noting the location. With this said, I know for certain that "Corduroy" is from Las Vegas, "Better Man" is from Kansas City, "Immortality" is from Toronto, and I think "Not For You" is from Chicago.

    I'll see if I can figure out the other five songs.

    As you are probably aware, I have MANY more Pearl Jam compilations from various eras. Let me know if you want any more.
    I know, I know you're the compilation master Don't worry about the cities, it was pure curiosity. The sound is pretty consistant among all of them so I don't really care!
  4. Also headliner on Rock Werchter
  5. 22 July 2020 - Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome.
  6. Maybe i should go and visit my parents in June or July.