1. Reliving an amazing night almost 2 years ago.
  2. It's a bit early...

  3. Man was a genius. I was so lucky to hang out with Bill in Bristol. Wish he was still alive so he could comment on the world since 1994.

  4. I agree with you. What an amazing night this one was. I had not planned to be at this but seeing how great they were playing live on this tour I just had to go. I was able to find a great bootleg double CD of this very show which had to be in my collection.

  5. An amazing night in Glasgow town!
    Was lucky to be right in front of Bono as he sang Zooropa.

  6. Just amazing to have had nobody in front of me between myself and Bono as this was sung. I just love this song.
  7. Bowie Space Oddity
  8. Up there with the best segues into Streets, I love zooropa and even though I would have preferred a full version of the song I loved what they did with it, another special part of a special show, I’m glad you enjoyed a similarly great experience.