1. The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

  2. I knew the Dubliners version of the song, but I didn't know Barleycorn... Youtube is my friend, I've listened to it and I have to say that I even prefer their version to the Dubliners'. And they have quite a few more Irish songs that I'm listening right now!! Thank you once again, Kirsten

    Barleycorn - Sing, Irishmen, Sing
  3. always glad to be of service

  4. haaaaahahaa, that smiley is amazing

    U2 - Babyface
  5. Still of the Night - Whitesnake

    almighty riffage on this one.
  6. Zooropa - U2 (Live Sao Paulo)
  7. Smile Like You Mean It (T in the Park '09) - The Killers
  8. Stay Together For the Kids- Blink 182