1. Just released on vinyl last month
  2. New 33-song release coming, completing the trilogy of Mellon Collie and Machina đź‘Ť
  3. They should also release a complete live album from 1996-1997
  4. From 1996 especially. Best we have is that live compilation of the Mellon Collie tour on the Aeroplane Flies High deluxe editon.
  5. I was disappointed in the live tracks from TAFH save Transmission which was vital.
  6. According to Billy, the past albums are now part of a trilogy.
  7. Yes. For sure. That 1993 Chicago Metro show which was released on the 2011 Siamese Dream reissue was a perfect companion to their earlier years. It’d be great to get a robust collection of live performances to go along with such a robust amount of studio recordings for the MCIS era.
  8. Fingers crossed that there’s a live soundtrack to go with it.