1. Seriously, where has the Beatles topic been?
  2. I never even realised there wasn't one. Love them, so simple yet absolutely stunning.
  3. The Beatles are everywhere, so they don't really need a topic.

    Timeless, greatest.
  4. Great(est) band. Tough to "discuss" when there isn't a hope in hell we'll get new music from them...I think their vault has been exhausted.

    "Love" was cool - saw it in Vegas four years ago.

    Although I can appreicate why Sgt. Pepper's...and Revolver are often considered their best ablums, "Abbey Road" is my personal favourite. Not a big fan of The White Album (don't really like any double album to be honest) - they wear thin after awhile. And yes, I am including Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti! Great first side but second side lacks punch (aside form "10 Years Gone" ) - now I'm getting off topic.
  5. Tin hat on here but I think they are overrated...

  6. Yeah the wrote some good tunes, Taxman being their best in my opinion. Revolver was a good album

  7. And that's probably one of the amazing things about them, they've made tunes everyone likes.

  8. I've always thought that, but Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - brilliant album.
  9. they simply re-invented the way of making music and the way of living music .. they introduce a big load of new things in popular music .. they're the most covered band ever
    that's it
  10. The world of music would have been completely different without them