1. Come On !

    The big bang band's topic is drowning in the deep !

    Just had some While my Guitar Gently Weeps...
  2. Both versions of WMGGW are stellar.
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  4. Started with watching the Anthology series...highly recommend it if you havent seen it!
  5. WOW! Beatles thread 2000 views. Muse thread: more than 130000!!!!! I guess i''m gonna travel back to mars quickly!

  6. Beatles thread: started on 2011-05-30.
    Muse topic: started on 2008-01-05.
  7. Originally posted by LikeASong[..]
    Beatles thread: started on 2011-05-30.
    Muse topic: started on 2008-01-05.

    Also, Muse is still releasing new material. That definitely helps discussion
  8. I've really wanted to post in this thread, but I didn't know how to express my thoughts about this band in the correct way. Luckily however, I recently had to write a letter that conveyed my feelings on the subject.

    Here is an excerpt from that letter:

    Now, to be fair, as you’ve probably encountered many times in your life, there is a strong, passionate fan base for this band, full of people who’ve been listening to them their entire lives and have a strong, personal connection to them in some way.

    My connection is different.

    As you’re probably aware... or maybe not, I’m on the Autism Spectrum with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because of this, when I was young, I couldn’t speak properly or communicate properly. The fact that The Beatles music played a lot in our household gave me an opening that I did not realize consciously at the time. Using their words, titles, and even song length times, I began developing what would become the way I express myself now. When I was tested for my diagnosis at age three, the team could not believe that I could read Beatles song titles, but I could! I used the different titles and lyrics to express my feelings in a way that I could not previously. And so it went. Starting with them and continuing on with various bands, artists, films, TV, and anime, I continue to use Art as a means of communicating who I am to the world. Admittedly, this could have started with another band or it could have been another phase in my long series of phases in my life. And yet, no matter what, The Beatles were and are the one thing I always came and come back to. They continue to cultivate my belief that Art expresses the beauty of God and humanity all at once, even in its darkest times.

    So you see, The Beatles aren’t just a nostalgia trip or an obsession or a relic from childhood. The Beatles gave me a life, which for all its struggle, I still hold very dearly.
  9. Wow. Beautiful.
  10. Originally posted by RUMMYWow. Beautiful.