1. Got great seats this morning during the pre sale..Paul in Miami July 5...

    Saw him last summer in Hershey , PA .....the man is 74 years old and was non stop for almost 3 hours... he was amazing...can't wait !
  2. 50 years to the day The Beatles performed together for the last time. Heartbreaking anniversary.

  3. We just came back from the cinema watching 'Yesterday'.
    At one point, I burst out in tears and I'm not ashamed to say so.
    Did any of you watch the movie and can understand it?
  4. I meant: can you understand my feelings?
  5. Really enjoyed 'Yesterday' and have not stopped listening to Beatles / Solo stuff since. I would imagine yor 'cry' moment is the appearance of a particular person who would not have been a beatle if they did not exist (trying to avoid spoilers) but the fact three people in the film remember 'the Beatles' makes it suddenly a false ending as he would therefore have been a beatle and as a result fate meant he could not have been there. But it is only a film
  6. WOW!

  7. ^ that is going to be awesome
  8. Wow I haven't gone to the cinema in a century or so, but I'll make sure to watch that movie in all its glory.
  9. It looks amazing and I’ve only ever seen a poor bootleg copy of Let It Be. It looks like it was filmed recently, superb footage. Shame we have to wait until Aug.
  10. If cinemas are open...
  11. I can't wait until some director comes knocking on U2START for infos on any future U2 docs.