1. Ah, scratch the Goo Goo Dolls off my list. Just realized I won't make that one.
  2. I don't have a whole hell of alot coming up unfortunately

    I have U2 three times in the next month but other than that

    OAR in August
    Alice Cooper in August
    Foo Fighters in September

    May be doing the Kings of Leon in August but haven't made a decision on that one yet. Not really a huge fan but feel like it might be worth going to just for kicks.
  3. Def Leppad's Mirrorball Tour is coming to Raleigh in eight days, don't think I can make that one
    All I got for now is U2 in Philadelphia
  4. Originally posted by LikeASong:[..]
    Hey man! Nice to see you around, and what the hell, are you in Vancouver?!?! Whatever happened to our favorite Czech

    PS. Your reply will be your 1000th post in this forum. I congratulate you in advance.

    LOL... favourite Czech
    I live in Vancouver and I want to stay here at least one year. It's beautiful here and I'm glad I could make this adventure what is called "working holiday"
    And Seattle is very close to Van, so I couldn't miss the chance to hear EBTTRT and Zooropa. And, of course, different audience
  5. Just woke up from the night before, just seen 3 doors down at Glasgow O2, they were amazing, partied hard, sore feet, legs and head.
  6. going to see bon jovi in hyde park in 1 weeks time then the script in aviva dublin a week later and really looking forward to that. going to the hard rock cafe to see the u2 gear while i'm there.... love the script
  7. forgot the big ones, durr.

    goin to leeds friday and reading sunday and will see interpol elbow and muse
  8. Might go to the RHCP concert here in Ahoy

  9. Yeah, me too I might be going to their show here in Madrid as well (tickets go on sale next week I think), on December 17. Not sure, though, I don't like the idea of them touring without Frusciante... It tickets are under 40-45€ I will attend it.
  10. Might go to Alter Bridge in November on RHCP.. Just went to Pinkpop so Im out of cash XD
  11. Red Hot Chili Peppers Paris Bercy in october

    Coldplay when they come in Belgium ( they come in Werchter festival but I'm on holiday )

    Rolling Stones when they come in Belgium

    it's 3 band I never see in gigs
  12. Just remembered that it's only one week left until I'll see Coldplay, Brandon Flowers and more live...