1. Busy times ahead for me

    Oct 18 - The Wombats
    Nov 11 - KOL
    Dec 5ish - Foo Fighters
    Jan 10 - Arctic Monkeys

  2. Damn, lucky you. Seen 2 of those bands, seeing Arctic Monkeys in a couple of months.

    October 6th - Kids in Glass Houses
    October 29th - The Blackout
    November 8th - Arctic Monkeys
  3. which two have u seen? i havnt seen any of those 4 yet so it will be sumthing new.
  4. Pearl Jam's 20th Anniversary show in 3 days

    Only one in the US and I've got a ticket!
  5. Originally posted by Andrew_C[..]

    how did u score that?

    Tickets were surprisingly not that hard for me and a few friends to snag. Lawn seats, but still worth it. Show is at one of the most historic/famous venues in the country, and I've never been so I'm excited for that aspect of it as well.
  6. Hope u have a great time, being an anniversary show im sure u'll get all the fan favourites.
  7. And their favorites, too, which is also really exciting. Hoping to see some things that normally wouldn't be around in a regular PJ concert
  8. who's opening for them? if i had to guess id say Ben harper?

  9. I've seen The Wombats and Kings of Leon. KOL are outstanding live!
  10. Red Hot Chili Peppers - September 21
    Pearl Jam - November 4
  11. got Noel Gallagher coming up in October