1. Sad news about Joshua Tree NP
  2. They are selling SOE for €4,99 now in The Netherlands ^^)
  3. Drakes announced a new tour and apparently he's charging £140 for a GA ticket!
  4. Place a decimal point after the 1 and I would consider going!
  5. Interestingly it seems like all Standing tickets have now sold out on the O2 pre sale.
  6. Touts don’t care for price.
  7. Did you ever notice U2 uploaded their discography for free in YT?
  8. WOW, That's awesome! The peculiar thing is the low number of likes. Hawkmoon 269 only has 19.
  9. Since we're in the general forum, I'm just saying hi! Not that anyone cares, but I've been away a bit and figured I'd let everyone know I'm back!