1. Bring the boss Tim
  2. Think I can confirm my Grans next door neighbour who We’ve known for nearly 15 years is a big u2 fan. Electrical storm live and A sort of homecoming from JT2017 both playing nice and loud in the garden. Don’t know how it’s never came up before. Real thing from u22 now.

  3. My parents just bought a dog, meet Bono.
  4. He’s so cute!

    Bono huh? Could’ve been worse
  5. Handy for the curfew
  6. Okay so I want to release my first EP this year and my first album next year. But I like things to rhyme, so I want to name my last album “Epilogue”, and my first album “Prologue”, does it make sense if I name my EP “Introduction” or “Preface”? Or should my EP be called “Prologue”?