1. Why was the 'cool' topic closed? Nobody posted in it anyway...

  2. And on that note, I'm going. My post count is getting a bit high, might have to stay away for a few days.
  3. Off for dinner, back in 30 minutes. I hope you can survive without me.

    PS. Tim, that was great
  4. I love the fact that I have a test/exam tomorrow. Or actually... two.
  5. Kierans post in Olof's topic is legendary
  6. I'm... A bit confused.
  7. Originally posted by joficeI'm... A bit confused.

    Hey Joe! It's just GC

  8. Dinner ??? oh yes you life in Spain ....well i am of to bed now in the Netherlands we eat arround 18.00 .....
  9. Joe why cant I see you posting???
  10. It has......
  11. That redheaded woman in Bruce Springsteen's band is his wife right?