1. On April 21st, the day will be known as Record Store Day: a day in which independent music stores get rare vinyls in order to sell them. Loads of bands contribute towards Record Store Day by releasing these obscure records, which will only be sold on that day in the independent shops.

    This year has releases ranging from The Black Keys to Noel Gallagher, Jack White to Metallica, and Arctic Monkeys to David Bowie. Some bands set a limit on the amount of vinyls that will be sold during the day, meaning they will be individually numbered, and then rare in the future. Not all stores provide all vinyls that are available on Record Store Day, but you may find that the popular ones are there for sale.

    You can visit this website for more information: http://www.recordstoreday.co.uk/ or http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home
    On this website, you can find out about what stores are participating on the day. It also tells you what vinyls are up for sale on Record Store Day.

    I thought I would open this for discussion to see who is going to participate and what people are thinking of purchasing!

    I will certainly be at one of the record stores in Edinburgh at opening time so I can get first pick at some records!
  2. Good topic!

    Nice stuff this year. I'll be getting the Roy Orbison and Hendrix 'Fire' ones if they're available here.
  3. Nice typo

    What are Arctic Monkeys releasing? Can't seem to find them in the pdf list or the website list
  4. According to U2Wanderer its just SOI.
  5. I hope it's something else! We got the album for free and in various other versions.
  6. It seems like it is SOI, but rather the DE bonus disc
  7. I wouldn't place any bets on it being other than the regular -or deluxe- album, just in a slightly more special (and numbered) edition. But I am not hoping for any new music.
  8. Maybe different tracklist and/or acoustic versions...
  9. nobody needs this just money making cashcow milking shit
  10. They could at least do EBW EP with single+album version and one or two b-sides