1. got mine this morning.
    limited to 5000 pressings worldwide.
    I got No 0713.
    a big thank you to the staff of banquet records (Kingston UK)
    and well done to the hundreds of people who waited outside for hours,hope you all got what you wanted
  2. I follow you, my seller picked copy #0708 and send it to me (France).
    It seems Banquet Records have some problems as 3 costumers have a Tool LP instead of second SOI LP.
  3. Happy now managed to source a copy from the guy who was 4th in the queue... however he made me pay over the odds for it!!!! #3637
  4. Nr. 1969/2092/2093 @ home.
    Bought 2 copies last Friday, before record day started???
  5. Next week
    I'm going for the 7" single Reapers from Muse!
  6. you can find the full list on consequenceofsoud.net but i wait the releases of Jack White one of my favourite artists of last 15 years. Anybody does remember the docfilm with Page and our The Edge " it might get loud? Fantastic.
  7. Only going to go for the Manics and Noel Gallagher vinyls this year.

    Spent an absolute fortune last year.
  8. As always, so much good stuff with a small budget to work with... Simple Minds tops the list. Noel, Joe Strummer and Manics if money permits and they are priced right. I'm not big on shelling out for 12" singles...

  9. Fuck, two guys in front of me took the Muse single
    I got the Star Wars single instead
  10. Said it before and I'll say it again, RSD = waste of time.
  11. Managed to get Noel G and Florence vinyls. Not bad considering i didn't get to the store until about 9am. They still had the Simple Minds vinyl but i had to pass on that as i only had £30 cash on me.