1. You asked that yesterday already and Sidney-mike already answered that. Besides that: it's not allowed to ask for official releases

  2. RSD is about getting people to buy the physical format it's not about catering for streaming sites.

  3. U2 releasing exclusive material on vinyl for RSD and Black Friday prompted me to go out and buy a turntable and as @splinter67 said above you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one of reasonable quality.
  4. The studio outtake sounds great! I like it.
    Thanks for sharing Jonhilsea! I hope you can read this
  5. this A celebration song is actually good, I like they removed the 'shake shake' part I hate that part

    the outtake is even better than the real thing

    the instruments are also good!!
  6. Much more abstract
  7. Yeah sounds great!