1. fans are helping fans
  2. You got away with doing that? I've seen stores limit people to only one copy each. Not being critical of you and realise you helped someone else out, just surprised it was permitted.
  3. Got the last U2 one in the store.

  4. Just picked up a copy. Seemed to be a bit more sparse this time around.

    Also picked up a copy of Rolling Stones Live at Racket as an impulse buy. Wish I never, sound is horrific whatever way they mixed it.
  5. Surprised "Atomic City" it's not up on the streaming services
    Let's see what happens
  6. Most u2 RSD releases don’t end up on streaming services.
  7. Got the last one in Birmingham city centre . Swordfish had 7 , the bloke in Oasis had 3 copies .

  8. Splinter67, i got one for you as well
  9. thnx you are the best

  10. My haul.
  11. Loosegroove Records Compilation
  12. That's too bad
    I know some people who can make possible an streaming lol.
    I hope you can read this message