1. I wish i was there Too....
  2. I booked the day off fingers crossed!
  3. I even crossed My legs....i 'm asking via email the same question to all the records shops that seem to have it.
    I feel happier knowing that there should be more copies than i expected....but : Where to "gran" them?
    Does anybody Know SPINDIZZY?Irish record shop
  4. *grab
  5. Giving plenty of thought to going up to London on the train in the morning for the coloured version. I have the black one in the bag and might just be content with that!

    Based on previous releases, this may be on u2.com tomorrow.
  6. How did you get the black one?
  7. I have one reserved at home in Ireland and will pick it up at Christmas. I asked half a dozen record shops locally here in the UK and they were varying degrees of not much help.
  8. Online stores already sent the vinyls, so they can ship tomorrow. Mine is on the way
  9. Mmmm I think online orders might be disappointed tomorrow good luck though!
  10. Tom Dunne (todayfm DJ) just announced on the radio that there's already a queue outside FreeBird Records! And it's freezing outside!
  11. The store where I ordered sent mail confirming that they shipped the vinyl. Few days back (two I guess) they announced that they have the vinyls in their magazine