1. I’m glad I still have digital release from the complete U2 on iTunes that they removed
  2. Nice!!!

    The picture says there will be 17000 copies. The website says 7000. How many were sold of the original?
  3. It's great.
  4. called my friend the record shop
  5. They should have renamed Boy/Girl, Him/Her
  6. No new stuff?
    I prefer a live version of "Acrobat" from the E+I Tour.
  7. Desperately hoping they bring some copies down here when they tour in time for RSD.
  8. Great release of RSD. After 40 years got my 2nd U23 Ep.
  9. Re-releasing after 40 years? Play some throwbacks on tour this year, please!

  10. Kinda did my own thing here